opening — открытие



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v ru To make something accessible or allow for passage by moving from a shut position.
Turn the doorknob to open the door.
v ru To make (an open space, etc.) by clearing away an obstacle or obstacles, in order to allow for passage, access, or visibility.
He opened a path through the undergrowth.
v ru To bring up, broach.
I don't want to open that subject.
Other definitions (20)
v ru To enter upon, begin.
to open a case in court, or a meeting
to open a discussion
to open fire upon an enemy
to open trade, or correspondence
v ru To spread; to expand into an open or loose position.
to open a closed fist
to open a map, book, or scroll
to open matted cotton by separating the fibres
v ru To make accessible to customers or clients.
I will open the shop an hour early tomorrow.
v ru To start (a campaign).
Vermont will open elk hunting season next week.
v ru To become open.
The door opened all by itself.
v ru To begin conducting business.
The shop opens at 9:00.
v ru To begin a side's innings as one of the first two batsmen.
v ru To bet before any other player has in a particular betting round in a game of poker.
After the first two players fold, Julie opens for $5.
v ru To reveal one's hand.
Jeff opens his hand revealing a straight flush.
v ru (of a file, document, etc.) To load into memory for viewing or editing.
v ru To disclose; to reveal; to interpret; to explain.
n ru An act or instance of making or becoming open.
He remembered fondly the Christmas morning opening of presents.
The daily openings of the day lily bloom gives it its name.
n ru Something that is open.
A salamander darted out of an opening in the rocks.
He slipped through an opening in the crowd.
n ru An act or instance of beginning.
Their opening of the concert with Brass in Pocket always fires up the crowd.
There have been few factory and store openings in the US lately.
n ru Something that is a beginning.
n ru A vacant position, especially in an array.
Are there likely to be any openings on the Supreme Court in the next four years?
n ru An opportunity, as in a competitive activity.
n ru In mathematical morphology, the dilation of the erosion of a set.
adj ru Pertaining to the start or beginning of a series of events.
The opening theme of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is, perhaps, the most recognizable in all of European art music.
adj ru Describing the first period of play, usually up to the fall of the first wicket; describing a batsman who opens the innings or a bowler who opens the attack

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