online — онлайн

в интернете
в онлайне
в подключённом режиме


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v ru To bring (a system, etc.) online; to promote to an active or running state.
adj ru Of a system: connected (generally electrically) to a larger network.
adj ru Available over, or delivered from, the Internet.
I prefer to read online newspapers.
Еще значения (4)
adj ru Connected to the Internet.
I'll be online tonight, so I'll be able to reply to your email.
adj ru Available on a computer system, even if not networked.
Press the F1 key to access the online help.
The program comes with an online manual.
adj ru Of a system: active, particularly building facilities (such as power) or a factory or power plant.
Once this factory comes online, it will double car production in our country!
The power is online.
adv ru While online; while in a running or active state, or connected to the Internet.
He works online.

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