okay — хорошо



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n ru Endorsement; approval.
We can start as soon as we get the OK.
v ru To approve.
I don't want to OK this amount of money.
v ru To confirm by activating a button marked OK.
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adj ru All right, permitted.
Do you think it's OK to stay here for the night?
adj ru Satisfactory, reasonably good; not exceptional.
The soup was OK, but the dessert was excellent.
adj ru In good health or a good emotional state.
He's not feeling well now, but he should be OK after some rest.
adv ru Satisfactorily, sufficiently well.
The team did OK in the playoffs.
inter ru Used to indicate acknowledgement or acceptance.
I promise to give it back. – OK.
Let's meet again this afternoon. – OK.
OK! I get it! Stop nagging me!
Shut up! – OK, OK.
inter ru Used to introduce a sentence in order to draw attention to the importance of what is being said.
OK, I'm thinking of a number…
inter ru Used in turn-taking, serving as a request to the speaker to grant the turn to the interrupter.
You always do this to me! When we were at your mother’s, you said that… – OK, OK, …

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