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n ru An utterance of oh; a spoken expression of surprise, acknowledgement, etc.
v ru To utter the interjection oh; to express surprise, etc.
inter ru Expression of surprise.
Oh! I didn't see you there.
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inter ru Expression of wonder, amazement, or awe.
Oh, wow! That's amazing.
inter ru Expression of understanding, affirmation, recognition, or realization.
Oh, so that's how it works.
inter ru A word to precede an offhand or annoyed remark.
Oh, leave me alone.
inter ru A word to precede an added comment or afterthought.
Oh, and don't forget your coat.
inter ru An invocation or address (similar to the vocative in languages with noun declension), often with a term of endearment.
inter ru Exclamation for drama or emphasis (often poetic).
Oh, when will it end?
inter ru Expression of pain. See ouch.
Oh! That hurt.
inter ru Space filler or extra syllable, especially in (popular) music.
inter ru (interrogative) Expression of mild scepticism.
"You should watch where you're going!" "Oh?"
inter ru A word to mark a spoken phrase as imaginary.
What if he says "Oh, I need to see your ID"?
n ru The letter O, o (more commonly spelled o)
n ru The digit 0 (especially in representations of speech)
My telephone number is four-double-three-two-oh-nine.

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