nose — нос



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n ru A protuberance on the face housing the nostrils, which are used to breathe or smell.
She has a cold in the nose.
n ru A snout, the nose of an animal.
n ru The tip of an object.
the nose of a tea-kettle, a bellows, or a fighter plane
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n ru The bulge on the side of a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, that fits into the hole of its adjacent piece.
n ru The length of a horse’s nose, used to indicate the distance between horses at the finish of a race, or any very close race.
Red Rum only won by a nose.
n ru A perfumer.
n ru The power of smelling.
n ru Bouquet, the smell of something, especially wine.
n ru The skill in recognising bouquet.
It is essential that a winetaster develops a good nose.
n ru (by extension) Skill at finding information.
A successful reporter has a nose for news.
n ru A downward projection from a cornice.
n ru An informer.
v ru To move cautiously by advancing its front end.
The ship nosed through the minefield.
v ru To snoop.
She was nosing around other people’s business.
v ru To detect by smell or as if by smell.
v ru To push with one's nose; to nuzzle.
v ru To defeat (as in a race or other contest) by a narrow margin; sometimes with out.
v ru To utter in a nasal manner; to pronounce with a nasal twang.
to nose a prayer
v ru To furnish with a nose.
to nose a stair tread
v ru To confront; be closely face to face or opposite to.

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