naked — голый



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adj ru Bare, not covered by clothing.
She was as naked as the day she was born.
adj ru Lacking some clothing; clothed only in underwear.
adj ru Glib, without decoration, put bluntly.
The naked facts lay there on the table, enclosed within the files.
This is the naked truth.
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adj ru Characterized by the nakedness of the people concerned or to whom the described noun is attributed.
adj ru Unarmed.
adj ru Unaided, unaccompanied.
adj ru Unprotected, uncovered; (by extension) without a condom.
I entered her naked and came in her too.
The tendrils of the naked flame stretched into the skies.
adj ru (of a derivative contract) Where the writer (seller) does not own the underlying asset to cover the contract.
a naked put, a naked call
adj ru Resourceless, poor, lacking means.
adj ru (with “of”) Lacking or devoid of something.
adj ru Blank, clean, empty.
adj ru (of land, rocks, or plants) Barren, having no foliage, unvegetated.
adj ru Uncomfortable or vulnerable, as if missing something important.
I feel naked without my mobile phone.
adj ru (of food or other consumer products) Without any additives, or without some component that would usually be included.
Naked Bacon
a naked burrito; a naked burger
adj ru Of a singularity, not hidden within an event horizon and thus observable from other parts of spacetime.
v ru To make naked; to bare.

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