musical — музыкальный

музыкальный фильм


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n ru A stage performance, show or film that involves singing, dancing and musical numbers performed by the cast as well as acting.
n ru A meeting or a party for a musical entertainment; a musicale.
adj ru Of, belonging or relating to music, or to its performance or notation.
musical proportion; musical instruments
Еще значения (3)
adj ru Pleasing to the ear; sounding agreeably; having the qualities of music; melodious; harmonious.
She had a musical voice.
adj ru Fond of music; discriminating with regard to music; gifted or skilled in music.
the child is musical; having a musical ear
adj ru Pertaining to a class of games in which players move while music plays, but have to take a fixed position when it stops; by extension, any situation where people repeatedly change positions.

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