murder — убийство

совершать убийство


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n ru The crime of deliberately killing another person without justification.
The defendant was charged with murder.
n ru The act of deliberate killing of another person or other being without justification, especially with malice aforethought.
There have been ten unsolved murders this year alone.
n ru (in jurisdictions which use the felony murder rule) The commission of an act which abets the commission of a crime the commission of which causes the death of a human.
Other definitions (7)
n ru (used as a predicative noun) Something terrible to endure.
This headache is murder.
n ru (collective) A group of crows; the collective noun for crows.
v ru To deliberately kill (a person or persons) without justification, especially with malice aforethought.
The woman found dead in her kitchen was murdered by her husband.
v ru To defeat decisively.
Our team is going to murder them.
v ru To kick someone's ass or chew someone out (used to express one’s anger at somebody).
He's torn my best shirt. When I see him, I'll murder him!
v ru To botch or mangle.
v ru To devour, ravish.
I could murder a hamburger right now.

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