multiple — множественный

кратное число
многократная цепь


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n ru A whole number that can be divided by another number with no remainder.
14, 21 and 70 are multiples of 7
n ru Price-earnings ratio.
n ru One of a set of the same thing; a duplicate.
Еще значения (6)
n ru A single individual who has multiple personalities.
n ru One of a set of siblings produced by a multiple birth.
n ru A chain store.
n ru A discovery resulting from the work of many people throughout history, not merely the work of the person who makes the final connection.
adj ru More than one (followed by plural).
My Swiss Army knife has multiple blades.
adj ru Having more than one element, part, component, or function, having more than one instance, occurring more than once, usually contrary to expectations (can be followed by a singular).
It was a multiple pregnancy: the woman had triplets.
Multiple registrations are an increasing problem for many social networking sites.
Some states do explicitly prohibit multiple citizenship.

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