mow — косить



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n ru The act of mowing (a garden, grass etc.)
The lawn hasn't had a mow for a couple of months, so it's like a jungle out there!
n ru A shot played with a sweeping or scythe-like motion.
v ru To cut down grass or crops.
He mowed the lawn every few weeks in the summer.
Еще значения (15)
v ru To cut down or slaughter in great numbers.
n ru A scornful grimace; a wry face.
v ru To make grimaces, mock.
n ru A stack of hay, corn, beans or a barn for the storage of hay, corn, beans.
n ru The place in a barn where hay or grain in the sheaf is stowed.
v ru To put into mows.
n ru A gull, seagull.
n ru A prison, or other place of confinement.
n ru A hiding place; a secret store or den.
n ru A breeding-cage for birds.
n ru A cage for hawks, especially while moulting.
n ru (in the plural) A building or set of buildings where moulting birds are kept.
n ru The crying sound of a cat; a meow, especially of a kitten.
n ru The crying sound of a gull.
n ru An exclamation of disapproval; a boo.

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