mount — гора



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n ru A hill or mountain.
n ru Any of seven fleshy prominences in the palm of the hand, taken to represent the influences of various heavenly bodies.
the mount of Jupiter
n ru A bulwark for offence or defence; a mound.
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n ru A bank; a fund.
n ru A green hillock in the base of a shield.
n ru An animal, usually a horse, used to ride on, unlike a draught horse
The rider climbed onto his mount.
n ru A mounting; an object on which another object is mounted.
The post is the mount on which the mailbox is installed.
n ru A rider in a cavalry unit or division.
The General said he has 2,000 mounts.
n ru A step or block to assist in mounting a horse.
n ru A signal for mounting a horse.
v ru To get upon; to ascend; to climb.
to mount stairs
v ru To place oneself on (a horse, a bicycle, etc.); to bestride.
The rider mounted his horse.
v ru To cause to mount; to put on horseback; to furnish with animals for riding.
v ru To cause (something) to rise or ascend; to drive up; to raise; to elevate; to lift up.
v ru To rise on high; to go up; to be upraised or uplifted; to tower aloft; to ascend; often with up.
v ru To attach (an object) to a support, backing, framework etc.
to mount a mailbox on a post
to mount a photograph on cardboard
to mount a specimen on a small plate of glass for viewing by a microscope
to mount an engine in a car
v ru To attach (a drive or device) to the file system in order to make it available to the operating system.
v ru (sometimes with up) To increase in quantity or intensity.
The bills mounted up and the business failed.  There is mounting tension in Crimea.
v ru To attain in value; to amount (to).
v ru To get on top of (an animal) to mate.
v ru To have sexual intercourse with someone.
v ru To begin (a campaign, military assault, etc.); to launch.
The General gave the order to mount the attack.
v ru To deploy (cannon) for use.
to mount a cannon
v ru To prepare and arrange the scenery, furniture, etc. for use in (a play or production).
v ru To incorporate fat, especially butter, into (a dish, especially a sauce to finish it).
Mount the sauce with one tablespoon of butter.

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