money — деньги

денежные суммы
монетные валюты
монетные системы


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n ru A legally or socially binding conceptual contract of entitlement to wealth, void of intrinsic value, payable for all debts and taxes, and regulated in supply.
n ru A generally accepted means of exchange and measure of value.
Before colonial times cowry shells imported from Mauritius were used as money in Western Africa.
n ru A currency maintained by a state or other entity which can guarantee its value (such as a monetary union).
money supply;  money market
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n ru Hard cash in the form of banknotes and coins, as opposed to cheques/checks, credit cards, or credit more generally.
n ru The total value of liquid assets available for an individual or other economic unit, such as cash and bank deposits.
n ru Wealth; a person, family or class that possesses wealth
He married money.
He was born with money.
n ru An item of value between two or more parties used for the exchange of goods or services.
n ru A person who funds an operation.

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