model — модель



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n ru A person who serves as a subject for artwork or fashion, usually in the medium of photography but also for painting or drawing.
The beautiful model had her face on the cover of almost every fashion magazine imaginable.
n ru A person, usually an attractive female, hired to show items or goods to the public, such as items given away as prizes on a TV game show.
n ru A representation of a physical object, usually in miniature.
The boy played with a model of a World War II fighter plane.
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n ru A simplified representation used to explain the workings of a real world system or event.
The computer weather model did not correctly predict the path of the hurricane.
n ru A style, type, or design.
He decided to buy the turbo engine model of the sports car.
This year's model features four doors instead of two.
n ru The structural design of a complex system.
The team developed a sound business model.
n ru A successful example to be copied, with or without modifications.
British parliamentary democracy was seen as a model for other countries to follow.
He was a model of eloquence and virtue.
n ru An interpretation function which assigns a truth value to each atomic proposition.
n ru An interpretation which makes a set of sentences true, in which case that interpretation is called a model of that set.
n ru An animal that is used to study a human disease or pathology.
n ru Any copy, or resemblance, more or less exact.
n ru In software applications using the model-view-controller design pattern, the part or parts of the application that manage the data.
v ru To display for others to see, especially in regard to wearing clothing while performing the role of a fashion model
She modelled the shoes for her friends to see.
v ru To use as an object in the creation of a forecast or model
They modelled the data with a computer to analyze the experiment’s results.
v ru To make a miniature model of
He takes great pride in his skill at modeling airplanes.
v ru To create from a substance such as clay
The sculptor modelled the clay into the form of a dolphin.
v ru To make a model or models
v ru To be a model of any kind
The actress used to model before being discovered by Hollywood.
adj ru Worthy of being a model; exemplary.

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