minor — минор

несовершеннолетний подросток


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n ru A person who is below the age of majority, consent, criminal responsibility or other adult responsibilities and accountabilities.
It is illegal to sell weapons to minors under the age of eighteen.
n ru A subject area of secondary concentration of a student at a college or university, or the student who has chosen such a secondary concentration.
I became an English minor.
I had so many credit hours of English, it became my minor.
n ru Determinant of a square submatrix
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n ru (British slang) A younger brother (especially at a public school).
n ru A small worker in a leaf-cutter ant colony, sized between a minim and a media.
n ru The term of a syllogism which forms the subject of the conclusion.
n ru (campanology) Bell changes rung on six bells.
v ru To choose or have an area of secondary concentration as a student in a college or university.
I had so many credit hours of English, I decided to minor in it.
adj ru Of little significance or importance.
The physical appearance of a candidate is a minor factor in recruitment.
adj ru Of a scale which has lowered scale degrees three, six, and seven relative to major, but with the sixth and seventh not always lowered
a minor scale
adj ru Being the smaller of the two intervals denoted by the same ordinal number

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