meat — мясо



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n ru The flesh (muscle tissue) of an animal used as food.
A large portion of domestic meat production comes from animals raised on factory farms.
The homesteading teenager shot a deer to supply his family with wild meat for the winter.
n ru A type of meat, by anatomic position and provenance.
The butchery's profit rate on various meats varies greatly.
n ru Food, for animals or humans, especially solid food. See also meat and drink.
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n ru A type of food, a dish.
n ru A meal.
n ru Meal; flour.
n ru Any relatively thick, solid part of a fruit, nut etc.
The apple looked fine on the outside, but the meat was not very firm.
n ru A penis.
n ru The best or most substantial part of something.
We recruited him right from the meat of our competitor.
n ru The sweet spot of a bat or club (in cricket, golf, baseball etc.).
He hit it right on the meat of the bat.
n ru A meathead.
Throw it in here, meat.
n ru (Australian Aboriginal) A totem, or (by metonymy) a clan or clansman which uses it.

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