may — может

иметь возможность


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v ru To be strong; to have power (over).
v ru (auxiliary) To be able; can.
v ru To be able to go.
Еще значения (8)
v ru (modal auxiliary verb, defective) To have permission to, be allowed. Used in granting permission and in questions to make polite requests.
you may smoke outside;  may I sit there?
v ru (modal auxiliary verb, defective) Expressing a present possibility; possibly.
he may be lying;  Schrödinger's cat may or may not be in the box
v ru (subjunctive present, defective) Expressing a wish (with present subjunctive effect).
may you win;  may the weather be sunny
v ru Used in modesty, courtesy, or concession, or to soften a question or remark.
n ru The hawthorn bush or its blossoms.
v ru To gather may, or flowers in general.
v ru To celebrate May Day.
n ru A maiden.

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