massive — массивный



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n ru A homogeneous mass of rock, not layered and without an obvious crystal structure.
karst massives in western Georgia
n ru A group of people from a locality, or sharing a collective aim, interest, etc.
Big up to the Croydon massive!
adj ru Very large in size or extent
Compared to its counterparts from World War II, the Abrams main battle tank is truly massive.
The enlightenment comprises massive shifts in many areas of Western thought.
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adj ru Very large or bulky and heavy and solid
A massive comet or asteroid appears to have ended the era of the dinosaurs.
adj ru To a very great extent; total, utter.
adj ru Of particularly exceptional quality or value; awesome.
Did you see Colbert last night? He was massive!
adj ru Outstanding, beautiful
Your dress is massive, love. Where did you get it?
adj ru Affecting a large portion of the body, or severe.
a massive heart attack
adj ru Having a large mass
adj ru (of a particle) Possessing mass.
Some bosons are massive while others are massless.
adj ru Homogenous, unstructured

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