mask — маска



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n ru A cover, or partial cover, for the face, used for disguise or protection.
a dancer's mask; a fencer's mask; a ball player's mask
n ru That which disguises; a pretext or subterfuge.
n ru A festive entertainment of dancing or other diversions, where all wear masks; a masquerade
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n ru A person wearing a mask.
n ru A dramatic performance, formerly in vogue, in which the actors wore masks and represented mythical or allegorical characters.
n ru A grotesque head or face, used to adorn keystones and other prominent parts, to spout water in fountains, and the like
n ru (fortification) In a permanent fortification, a redoubt which protects the caponiere.
n ru (fortification) A screen for a battery
n ru The lower lip of the larva of a dragonfly, modified so as to form a prehensile organ.
n ru (Puebloan) A ceremonial object used in Puebloan kachina cults that resembles a Euro-American mask. (The term is objected to as an appropriate translation by Puebloan peoples as it emphasizes imitation but ignores power and representational intent.)
n ru A pattern of bits used in bitwise operations; bitmask.
n ru A two-color (black and white) bitmap generated from an image, used to create transparency in the image.
n ru The head of a fox, shown face-on and cut off immediately behind the ears.
v ru To cover (the face or something else), in order to conceal the identity or protect against injury; to cover with a mask or visor.
v ru To disguise; to cover; to hide.
v ru To conceal; also, to intervene in the line of.
v ru To cover or keep in check.
to mask a body of troops or a fortess by a superior force, while some hostile evolution is being carried out
v ru To take part as a masker in a masquerade
v ru To wear a mask; to be disguised in any way
v ru To cover or shield a part of a design or picture in order to prevent reproduction or to safeguard the surface from the colors used when working with an air brush or painting
v ru To set or unset (certain bits, or binary digits, within a value) by means of a bitmask.
v ru To disable (an interrupt, etc.) by setting or unsetting the associated bit.
n ru A mesh.
n ru The mesh of a net; a net; net-bag.
n ru Mash.
v ru To mash.
v ru To mix malt with hot water to yield wort.
v ru To be infused or steeped.
v ru To prepare tea in a teapot; alternative to brew.
v ru To bewilder; confuse.

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