main — основной

главная часть


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v ru Short for mainline.
v ru To mainly play a specific character, or side, during a game.
He mains the same character as me in that game.
What race do you main and what is your favourite race to beat?
v ru Of a road: to convert into a main or primary road.
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adj ru Of chief or leading importance; prime, principal.
adj ru Chief, most important, or principal in extent, size, or strength; consisting of the largest part.
main timbers  main branch of a river  main body of an army
adj ru (of force, strength, etc.) Full, sheer, undivided.
adj ru Big; angry.
adj ru Belonging to or connected with the principal mast in a vessel.
adj ru Great in size or degree; important, powerful, strong, vast.
adv ru Exceedingly, extremely, greatly, mightily, very, very much.
n ru That which is chief or principal; the chief or main portion; the bulk, the greater part, gross.
n ru A large cable or pipe providing utility service to an area or a building, such as a water main or electric main.
n ru Short for main course.
I had scampi and chips for my main and a slice of cheesecake for dessert.
n ru The high seas.
n ru The mainland.
n ru Short for mainsail.
n ru (except in might and main) Force, power, strength, violent effort.
n ru A hand or match in a game of dice.
n ru The largest throw in a match at dice; in the game of hazard, a number from one to nine called out by a person before the dice are thrown.
n ru A stake played for at dice.
n ru A sporting contest or match, especially a cockfighting match.
n ru A banker's shovel for coins.
n ru A basket for gathering grapes.

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