luck — удача

быть везучим


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n ru Something that happens to someone by chance, a chance occurrence, especially a favourable one.
Gilbert had some bad luck yesterday — he got pick-pocketed and lost fifty dollars.
I couldn't believe my luck when I found a fifty dollar bill on the street.
Sometimes it takes a bit of luck to get success.
The raffle is just a matter of luck.
n ru A superstitious feeling that brings fortune or success.
He blew on the dice for luck.
I wish you lots of luck for the exam tomorrow.
n ru Success.
He has a lot of luck with the ladies, perhaps it is because of his new motorbike.
I tried for ages to find a pair of blue suede shoes, but didn't have any luck.
Еще значения (4)
n ru The results of a random number generator.
The creators of tool-assisted speedruns often manipulate a lot of luck to get the most favorable results in order to save the most time.
v ru To succeed by chance.
His plan lucked out.
v ru To rely on luck.
No plan. We're just to going to have to luck through.
v ru To carry out relying on luck.
Our plan is to luck it through.

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