loss — потеря



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n ru The result of no longer possessing an object, a function, or a characteristic due to external causes or misplacement.
In other areas, glacier loss creates serious risk of a dry period across the Third Pole, Wang said.
loss of limb; weight loss; loss of cognitive functions; loss of appetite.
n ru The destruction or ruin of an object.
n ru Something that has been destroyed or ruined.
It was a terrible crash; both cars were total losses.
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n ru Defeat; an instance of being defeated.
The match ended in their first loss of the season.
n ru The death of a person or animal.
The battle was won, but losses were great.
We mourn his loss.
n ru The condition of grief caused by losing someone or something, especially someone who has died.
Her daughter's sense of loss eventually led to depression.
n ru (financial) The sum an entity loses on balance.
The sum of expenditures and taxes minus total income is a loss, when this difference is positive.
n ru Electricity of kinetic power expended without doing useful work.
The inefficiency of many old-fashioned power plants exceeds 60% loss before the subsequent losses during transport over the grid.

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