lip — губа



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n ru Either of the two fleshy protrusions around the opening of the mouth.
n ru A part of the body that resembles a lip, such as the edge of a wound or the labia.
n ru (by extension) The projecting rim of an open container; a short open spout.
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n ru Backtalk; verbal impertinence.
Don’t give me any lip!
n ru The edge of a high spot of land.
n ru The sharp cutting edge on the end of an auger.
n ru One of the two opposite divisions of a labiate corolla.
n ru The distinctive petal of the Orchis family.
n ru One of the edges of the aperture of a univalve shell.
n ru Embouchure: the condition or strength of a wind instrumentalist's lips.
v ru To touch or grasp with the lips; to kiss; to lap the lips against (something).
v ru (of something inanimate) To touch lightly.
v ru To wash against a surface, lap.
v ru To rise or flow up to or over the edge of something.
v ru To form the rim, edge or margin of something.
v ru To utter verbally.
v ru To simulate speech by moving the lips without making any sound; to mouth.
v ru To make a golf ball hit the lip of the cup, without dropping in.
v ru To change the sound of (a musical note played on a wind instrument) by moving or tensing the lips.

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