limit — предел

предельный размер


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n ru A restriction; a bound beyond which one may not go.
There are several existing limits to executive power.
Two drinks is my limit tonight.
n ru A value to which a sequence converges. Equivalently, the common value of the upper limit and the lower limit of a sequence: if the upper and lower limits are different, then the sequence has no limit (i.e., does not converge).
The sequence of reciprocals has zero as its limit.
n ru Any of several abstractions of this concept of limit.
Category theory defines a very general concept of limit.
Other definitions (13)
n ru The cone of a diagram through which any other cone of that same diagram can factor uniquely.
n ru Fixed limit.
n ru The final, utmost, or furthest point; the border or edge.
the limit of a walk, of a town, or of a country
n ru The space or thing defined by limits.
n ru That which terminates a period of time; hence, the period itself; the full time or extent.
n ru A restriction; a check or curb; a hindrance.
n ru A determining feature; a distinguishing characteristic.
n ru The first group of riders to depart in a handicap race.
n ru (as "the limit") A person who is exasperating, intolerable, astounding, etc.
adj ru Being a fixed limit game.
v ru To restrict; not to allow to go beyond a certain bound, to set boundaries.
I'm limiting myself to two drinks tonight.
We need to limit the power of the executive.
v ru To have a limit in a particular set.
The sequence limits on the point a.
v ru To beg, or to exercise functions, within a certain limited region.
a limiting friar

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