like — любить

как бы
как будто


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n ru (usually in the plural) Something that a person likes (prefers).
Tell me your likes and dislikes.
n ru An individual vote showing support for, or approval of, something posted on the Internet.
v ru To enjoy, be pleased by; favor; be in favor of.
I like hamburgers.
I like skiing in winter.
I like the Seattle Mariners this season.
Other definitions (25)
v ru To please.
v ru To derive pleasure of, by or with someone or something.
v ru To prefer and maintain (an action) as a regular habit or activity.
I like to go to the dentist every six months.
She likes to keep herself physically fit.
we like to keep one around the office just in case.
v ru To have an appearance or expression; to look; to seem to be (in a specified condition).
v ru To come near; to avoid with difficulty; to escape narrowly.
He liked to have been too late.
v ru To find attractive; to prefer the company of; to have mild romantic feelings for.
I really like Sandra but don't know how to tell her.
v ru To liken; to compare.
v ru To show support for, or approval of, something posted on the Internet by marking it with a vote.
I can't stand Bloggs' tomato ketchup, but I liked it on Facebook so I could enter a competition.
I liked my friend's last status on Facebook.
v ru (with 'would' and in certain other phrases) To want, desire. See also would like.
We could go to the museum if you like.
Would you like a cigarette?
n ru (sometimes as the likes of') Someone similar to a given person, or something similar to a given object; a comparative; a type; a sort.
It was something the likes of which I had never seen before.
There were bowls full of sweets, chocolates and the like.
n ru The stroke that equalizes the number of strokes played by the opposing player or side.
to play the like
adj ru Similar.
My partner and I have like minds.
adj ru Likely; probable.
adv ru Likely.
adv ru In a like or similar manner.
prep ru Similar to, reminiscent of.
prep ru Typical of
It would be just like Achilles to be sulking in his tent.
prep ru Approximating
Popcorn costs something like $10 dollars at the movies.
prep ru In the manner of, similarly to.
He doesn't act like a president.
prep ru Such as
It's for websites like Wikipedia.
prep ru As if there would be.
It looks like a hot summer in Europe.
conj ru As, the way.
conj ru As if; as though.
It looks like you've finished the project.
It seemed like you didn't care.
inter ru Used to place emphasis upon a statement.
Divint ye knaa, like?
v ru To be likely.

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