life — жизнь

срок службы
образ жизни
длящийся всю жизнь


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n ru The state of organisms preceding their death, characterized by biological processes such as metabolism and reproduction and distinguishing them from inanimate objects; the state of being alive and living.
Having experienced both, the vampire decided that he preferreddeath to life.  He gave up on life.
n ru The animating principle or force that keeps an inorganic thing or concept metaphorically alive (dynamic, relevant, etc) and makes it a "living document", "living constitution", etc.
n ru Lifeforms, generally or collectively.
It's life, but not as we know it.   She discovered plant life on the planet.   The rover discovered signs of life on the alien world.
Еще значения (9)
n ru A living individual; the fact of a particular individual being alive. (Chiefly when indicating individuals were lost (died) or saved.)
Many lives were lost during the war.   Her quick thinking saved many dogs' lives.
n ru Existence.
Man's life on this planet has been marked by continual conflict.   the eternal life of the soul
n ru A period of time during which something has existence.
n ru Animation; spirit; vivacity.
n ru A biography.
His life of the founder is finished, except for the title.
n ru Nature, reality, and the forms that exist in it.
n ru An opportunity for existence.
n ru The life insurance industry.
I work in life.
n ru A life assured under a life assurance policy (equivalent to the policy itself for a single life contract).
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