leave behind — оставлять

оставлять позади
оставлять после себя


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v ru To abandon.
How could you leave me behind like that?
We left behind our luggage at the hotel.
v ru To forget about.
We left behind our bags at the airport.
v ru To not live longer than; to be survived by.
Mrs Johnston died at thirty, and left behind three young daughters.
Еще значения (3)
v ru To leave (a trace of something).
The wound I got in my car accident left behind a massive scar.
Unfortunately, this cleaning product leaves behind a noticeable residue.
v ru To outdo; to progress faster than (someone or something else).
This product leaves behind all its competitors in the market.
v ru To pass.
As soon as we made our way onto the highway, we left the skyscrapers behind us.

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