league — лига



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n ru A group or association of cooperating members.
the League of Nations
n ru An organization of sports teams which play against one another for a championship.
My favorite sports organizations are the National Football League and the American League in baseball.
n ru (often in the negative) A class or type of people or things that are evenly matched or on the same level.
Forget about dating him; he's out of your league.
We're not even in the same league.
Еще значения (5)
n ru A prefecture-level administrative unit in Inner Mongolia (Chinese: 盟).
v ru To form an association; to unite in a league or confederacy; to combine for mutual support.
n ru A version of rugby football, played between two teams of thirteen.
n ru (measurement) The distance that a person can walk in one hour, commonly taken to be approximately three English miles (about five kilometers).
n ru A stone erected near a public road to mark the distance of a league.

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