law — закон



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n ru The body of binding rules and regulations, customs and standards established in a community by its legislative and judicial authorities.
entrapment is against the law
the courts interpret the law
n ru A binding regulation or custom established in a community in this way.
A new law forbids driving on that road.
The court ruled that the executive order was not law and nullified it.
There is a law against importing wallabies.
n ru (more generally) A rule, such as:
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n ru The control and order brought about by the observance of such rules.
It was a territory without law, marked by violence.
They worked to maintain law and order.
n ru A person or group that act(s) with authority to uphold such rules and order (for example, one or more police officers).
Here comes the law — run!
then the law arrived on the scene
n ru The profession that deals with such rules (as lawyers, judges, police officers, etc).
He is studying for a career in law.
She has practiced law in New York for twenty years.
n ru Jurisprudence, the field of knowledge which encompasses these rules.
She went to university to study law.
n ru Litigation, legal action (as a means of maintaining or restoring order, redressing wrongs, etc).
They were quick to go to law.
n ru An allowance of distance or time (a head start) given to a weaker (human or animal) competitor in a race, to make the race more fair.
n ru One of two metaphysical forces ruling the world in some fantasy settings, also called order, and opposed to chaos.
n ru An oath sworn before a court, especially disclaiming a debt. (Chiefly in the phrases "wager of law", "wage one's law", "perform one's law", "lose one's law".)
v ru To work as a lawyer; to practice law.
v ru To prosecute or sue (someone), to litigate.
v ru To rule over (with a certain effect) by law; govern.
v ru To enforce the law.
v ru To subject to legal restrictions.
n ru A tumulus of stones.
n ru A hill.
inter ru An exclamation of mild surprise; lawks.

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