lake — озеро

красочный лак


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n ru A small stream of running water; a channel for water; a drain.
n ru A large, landlocked stretch of water.
n ru A large amount of liquid; as, a wine lake.
Еще значения (9)
n ru A pit, or ditch
n ru An offering, sacrifice, gift.
n ru Play; sport; game; fun; glee.
v ru To present an offering.
v ru To leap, jump, exert oneself, play.
n ru A kind of fine, white linen.
n ru In dyeing and painting, an often fugitive crimson or vermillion pigment derived from an organic colorant (cochineal or madder, for example) and an inorganic, generally metallic mordant.
n ru In the composition of colors for use in products intended for human consumption, made by extending on a substratum of alumina, a salt prepared from one of the certified water-soluble straight colors.
For example, the name of a lake prepared by extending the aluminum salt prepared from FD&C Blue No. 1 upon the substratum would be FD&C Blue No. 1--Aluminum Lake.
v ru To make lake-red.

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