kick — удар



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n ru A hit or strike with the leg, foot or knee.
A kick to the knee.
n ru The action of swinging a foot or leg.
The ballerina did a high kick and a leap.
n ru Something that tickles the fancy; something fun or amusing.
I finally saw the show. What a kick!
I think I sprained something on my latest exercise kick.
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n ru The removal of a person from an online activity.
n ru Any bucking motion of an object that lacks legs or feet.
The car had a nasty kick the whole way.
The pool ball took a wild kick, up off the table.
n ru Piquancy.
n ru A stimulation provided by an intoxicating substance.
n ru A pass played by kicking with the foot.
n ru The distance traveled by kicking the ball.
a long kick up the field.
n ru A recoil of a gun.
n ru Pocket.
n ru An increase in speed in the final part of a running race.
v ru To strike or hit with the foot or other extremity of the leg.
Did you kick your brother?
v ru To make a sharp jerking movement of the leg, as to strike something.
He enjoyed the simple pleasure of watching the kickline kick.
v ru To direct to a particular place by a blow with the foot or leg.
Kick the ball into the goal.
v ru (with "off" or "out") To eject summarily.
v ru To forcibly remove a participant from an online activity.
He was kicked by ChanServ for flooding.
v ru To overcome (a bothersome or difficult issue or obstacle); to free oneself of (a problem).
I still smoke, but they keep telling me to kick the habit.
v ru To move or push suddenly and violently.
He was kicked sideways by the force of the blast.
v ru (of a firearm) To recoil; to push by recoiling.
v ru To attack (a piece) in order to force it to move.
v ru To accelerate quickly with a few pedal strokes in an effort to break away from other riders.
Contador kicks again to try to rid himself of Rasmussen.
v ru To show opposition or resistance.
v ru To work a press by impact of the foot on a treadle.
n ru One who kicks.
n ru One who takes kicks.
n ru The kicking strap.
n ru An outboard motor.
n ru An unexpected situation, detail or circumstance, often unpleasant.
John wants to climb the wall, but the kicker is that it is thirty feet tall.
Tuition is free; the kicker is that mandatory room and board costs twice as much as at other colleges.
n ru An enticement for investors, e.g. warranty added to the investment contract.
n ru An unpaired card which is part of a pair, two pair, or three of a kind poker hand.
Jill's hand was two pair, aces and sevens, with a king kicker.
n ru Small text above a headline that indicates the topic of the story.
n ru The last one or two paragraphs of a story.
n ru A lighthearted or humorous item used to round off a news broadcast.
n ru A device that periodically displaces a newspaper from the print production line, to aid in gathering the newspapers into fixed-size bundles.
n ru A launch ramp.
n ru The fermenting mass of fruit that is the basis of pruno, or "prison wine".
n ru A relaxed party.
n ru A backlight positioned at an angle.
n ru A particular type of Texan who is associated with country/western attire, attitudes and/or philosophy.
n ru An introduction; something that leads into the beginning of something.
After the long lead-in, the climax of the story was a disappointment.
n ru A region of data at the beginning of a compact disc, holding the table of contents.
n ru A short phrase that begins the caption of a photograph.
v ru To die.

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