kept — сохраненный



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v ru To continue in (a course or mode of action); not to intermit or fall from; to uphold or maintain.
to keep silence;  to keep one's word;  to keep possession
v ru (heading) To hold the status of something.
v ru (heading) To hold or be held in a state.
Еще значения (7)
v ru To wait for, keep watch for.
v ru To act as wicket-keeper.
Godfrey Evans kept for England for many years.
v ru To take care; to be solicitous; to watch.
v ru To be in session; to take place.
School keeps today.
v ru To observe; to adhere to; to fulfill; not to swerve from or violate.
v ru (by extension) To visit (a place) often; to frequent.
v ru To observe or celebrate (a holiday).
The feast of St. Stephen is kept on December 26.

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