judge — судья



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n ru A public official whose duty it is to administer the law, especially by presiding over trials and rendering judgments; a justice.
n ru A person who decides the fate of someone or something that has been called into question.
n ru A person officiating at a sports event or similar.
At a boxing match, the decision of the judges is final.
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n ru A person who evaluates something or forms an opinion.
She is a good judge of wine.
They say he is a poor judge of character considering all the unreliable friends he has made.
v ru To sit in judgment on; to pass sentence on.
A higher power will judge you after you are dead.
v ru To sit in judgment, to act as judge.
Justices in this country judge without appeal.
v ru To form an opinion on.
I judge a man’s character by the cut of his suit.
v ru To arbitrate; to pass opinion on something, especially to settle a dispute etc.
We cannot both be right: you must judge between us.
v ru To have as an opinion; to consider, suppose.
I judge it safe to leave the house once again.
v ru To form an opinion; to infer.
I judge from the sky that it might rain later.
v ru To criticize or label another person or thing.

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