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n ru One who is neither a he nor a she; a creature; a dehumanized being.
n ru The person who chases and tries to catch the other players in the playground game of tag.
In the next game, Adam and Tom will be it…
n ru The game of tag.
Let's play it at breaktime.
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n ru Sex appeal, especially that which goes beyond beauty.
n ru Sexual activity.
caught them doing it
n ru A biological force that inhabits living beings, according to the vitalist approach of Georg Groddeck.
adj ru Most fashionable.
pron ru The third-person singular personal pronoun that is normally used to refer to an inanimate object or abstract entity, also often used to refer to animals.
I heard the sound of the school bus - it was early today.
Put it over there.
Take each day as it comes.
pron ru A third-person singular personal pronoun used to refer to a child, especially of unknown gender.
She took the baby and held it in her arms.
pron ru Used to refer to someone being identified, often on the phone, but not limited to this situation.
Is it her?
It is I, your king.
It's me. John.
pron ru The impersonal pronoun, used without referent as the subject of an impersonal verb or statement. (known as the dummy pronoun or weather it)
It is nearly 10 o’clock.
It’s 10:45.
It’s lonely without you.
It’s very cold today.
pron ru The impersonal pronoun, used without referent in various short idioms.
pron ru The impersonal pronoun, used as a placeholder for a delayed subject, or less commonly, object; known as the dummy pronoun or, more formally in linguistics, a syntactic expletive. The delayed subject is commonly a to-infinitive, a gerund, or a noun clause introduced by a .
He saw to it that everyone would vote for him.
I find it odd that you would say that.
It is easy to see how she would think that.
It is hard seeing you so sick.
It is not clear if the report was true.
pron ru All or the end; something after which there is no more.
Are there more students in this class, or is this it?
That's it—I'm not going to any more candy stores with you.
pron ru A third-person singular personal pronoun used to refer to an animate referent who is transgender or is neither female nor male.
pron ru Followed by an omitted and understood relative pronoun: That which; what.
proper noun ru A large peninsula in Southern Europe protruding into the Mediterranean Sea and shaped like a boot. The mountain range of Apennines runs across it from north to south. Occupied almost entirely by Italy.
proper noun ru A country in southern Europe. Official name: Italian Republic.
proper noun ru Abbreviation of Italian. (language)

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