issue — выпуск



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n ru The action or an instance of flowing or coming out, an outflow, particularly:
n ru Someone or something that flows out or comes out, particularly:
n ru The means or opportunity by which something flows or comes out, particularly:
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n ru The place where something flows or comes out, an outlet, particularly:
n ru The action or an instance of sending something out, particularly:
The issue of the directive from the treasury prompted the central bank's most recent issue of currency.
n ru Any question or situation to be resolved, particularly:
Please stand by. We are having technical issues.
n ru The action or an instance of concluding something, particularly:
n ru The end result of an event or events, any result or outcome, particularly:
n ru The action or an instance of feeling some emotion.
n ru The action or an instance of leaving any state or condition.
v ru To flow out, to proceed from, to come out or from.
The rents issuing from the land permitted him to live as a man of independent means.
The water issued forth from the spring.
v ru To rush out, to sally forth.
The men issued from the town and attacked the besiegers.
v ru To extend into, to open onto.
The road issues into the highway.
v ru To turn out in a certain way, to result in.
v ru To come to a point in fact or law on which the parties join issue.
v ru To send out; to put into circulation.
v ru To deliver for use.
The prison issued new uniforms for the inmates.
v ru To deliver by authority.
The court issued a writ of mandamus.

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