invest — инвестировать

вкладывать деньги


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v ru To spend money, time, or energy on something, especially for some benefit or purpose; used with in.
We'd like to thank all the contributors who have invested countless hours into this event.
v ru To clothe or wrap (with garments).
v ru To put on (clothing).
Еще значения (11)
v ru To envelop, wrap, cover.
v ru To commit money or capital in the hope of financial gain.
v ru To ceremonially install someone in some office.
v ru To formally give (someone) some power or authority.
v ru To formally give (power or authority).
v ru To surround, accompany, or attend.
v ru To lay siege to.
to invest a town
v ru To make investments.
v ru To prepare for lost wax casting by creating an investment mold (a mixture of a silica sand and plaster).
v ru To be involved in; to form strong attachments to.
n ru An unnamed tropical weather pattern "to investigate" for development into a significant (named) system.

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