industrial — промышленный

промышленный рабочий


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n ru (19th-mid 20th century) An employee in industry.
n ru An enterprise producing tangible goods or providing certain services to industrial companies.
n ru A bond or stock issued by such a company.
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n ru A film made for use within an industry, not for a movie-going audience.
n ru Industrial music.
I wish they'd play more industrial in this club.
n ru An industrial piercing.
adj ru Of or relating to industry, notably manufacturing.
The industrial segment of the economy has seen troubles lately.
adj ru Produced by such industry.
Handicraft is less standardized then industrial products, hence less artistic or rather flawless.
adj ru Used by such industry.
adj ru Suitable for use in such industry; industrial-grade.
This is an industrial product—it's much too strong for home use.
adj ru Massive in scale or quantity.
adj ru Employed as manpower by such industry.
adj ru (of a society or country) Having many industries; industrialized.
Italy is a part-industrial, part-rural nation.
adj ru Belonging or pertaining to the genre of industrial music.
a track with clashing industrial beats

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