incorporate — объединять



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v ru To include (something) as a part.
The design of his house incorporates a spiral staircase.
to incorporate another's ideas into one's work
v ru To mix (something in) as an ingredient; to blend
Incorporate air into the mixture.
v ru To admit as a member of a company
Еще значения (7)
v ru To form into a legal company.
The company was incorporated in 1980.
v ru To include (another clause or guarantee of the US constitution) as a part (of the Fourteenth Amendment, such that the clause binds not only the federal government but also state governments).
v ru To form into a body; to combine, as different ingredients, into one consistent mass.
v ru To unite with a material body; to give a material form to; to embody.
adj ru Corporate; incorporated; made one body, or united in one body; associated; mixed together; combined; embodied.
adj ru Not consisting of matter; not having a material body; incorporeal; spiritual.
adj ru Not incorporated; not existing as a corporation.
an incorporate banking association

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