impression — впечатление



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n ru The indentation or depression made by the pressure of one object on or into another.
His head made an impression on the pillow.
n ru The overall effect of something, e.g., on a person.
He tried to make a good impression on his parents.
What is your impression of Beatles' music?
n ru A vague recalling of an event, a belief.
I have the impression that he's already left for Paris.
Еще значения (7)
n ru An impersonation, an imitation of the mannerisms of another individual.
n ru An outward appearance.
n ru An online advertising performance metric representing an instance where an ad is shown once.
n ru The first coat of colour, such as the priming in house-painting etc.
n ru (engraving) A print on paper from a wood block, metal plate, etc.
n ru The vivid perception of something as it is experienced, in contrast to ideas or thoughts drawn from memory or the imagination.
v ru To manipulate a blank key within a lock so as to mark it with impressions of the shape of the lock, which facilitates creation of a duplicate key.

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