if — если

если бы


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n ru An uncertainty, possibility, condition, doubt etc.
conj ru Supposing that, assuming that, in the circumstances that; used to introduce a condition or choice.
If it rains, I shall get wet.
conj ru In the event that a statement is true (a programming statement that acts in a similar manner).
If A, then B, else C.
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conj ru Supposing that; used with past or past perfect subjunctive indicating that the condition is closed.
I would be unhappy if you had not talked with me yesterday.
I would prefer it if you took your shoes off.
If I were you, I wouldn't go there alone.
conj ru Supposing that; given that; supposing it is the case that.
If that's true, we had better get moving!
conj ru Although; used to introduce a concession.
He was a great friend, if a little stingy at the bar.
conj ru (sometimes proscribed) Whether; used to introduce a noun clause, an indirect question, that functions as the direct object of certain verbs.
I don't know if I want to go or not.
conj ru (usually hyperbolic) Even if; even in the circumstances that.
conj ru Introducing a relevance conditional.
I have leftover cake if you want some.

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