ideal — идеальный

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n ru A perfect standard of beauty, intellect etc., or a standard of excellence to aim at.
n ru A subring closed under multiplication by its containing ring.
n ru (lattice theory) A non-empty lower set (of a partially ordered set) which is closed under binary suprema (a.k.a. joins).
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n ru A collection of sets, considered small or negligible, such that every subset of each member and the union of any two members are also members of the collection.
n ru (Lie theory) A Lie subalgebra (subspace that is closed under the Lie bracket) 𝖍 of a given Lie algebra 𝖌 such that the Lie bracket [𝖌,𝖍] is a subset of 𝖍.
adj ru Optimal; being the best possibility.
adj ru Perfect, flawless, having no defects.
adj ru Pertaining to ideas, or to a given idea.
adj ru Existing only in the mind; conceptual, imaginary.
adj ru Teaching or relating to the doctrine of idealism.
the ideal theory or philosophy
adj ru Not actually present, but considered as present when limits at infinity are included.
An ideal triangle in the hyperbolic disk is one bounded by three geodesics that meet precisely on the circle.
ideal point

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