husband — муж

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n ru The master of a house; the head of a family; a householder.
n ru A tiller of the ground; a husbandman.
n ru A prudent or frugal manager.
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n ru A man in a marriage or marital relationship, especially in relation to his spouse.
You should start dating so you can find a suitable husband.
n ru The male of a pair of animals.
n ru A manager of property; one who has the care of another's belongings, owndom, or interests; a steward; an economist.
n ru A large cushion with arms meant to support a person in the sitting position.
While reading her book, Sally leaned back against her husband, wishing it were the human kind.
n ru A polled tree; a pollard.
v ru To manage or administer carefully and frugally; use to the best advantage; economise.
For my means, I'll husband them so well, / They shall go far. — Shakespeare.
v ru To conserve.
v ru To till; cultivate; farm; nurture.
v ru To provide with a husband.
v ru To engage or act as a husband to; assume the care of or responsibility for; accept as one's own.

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