hundred — сто

число сто
по сотням


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n ru A hundred-dollar bill, or any other note denominated 100 (e.g. a hundred euros).
n ru An administrative subdivision of southern English counties formerly reckoned as comprising 100 hides (households or families) and notionally equal to 12,000 acres.
n ru (by extension) Similar divisions in other areas, particularly in other areas of Britain or the British Empire
Еще значения (3)
n ru A score of one hundred runs or more scored by a batsman.
He made a hundred in the historic match.
numeral ru A numerical value equal to 100 (10<sup>2</sup>), occurring after ninety-nine.
a hundred, one hundred
hundreds of places, hundreds of thousands of faces
nineteen hundred, one thousand nine hundred
numeral ru (24-hour clock) The pronunciation of “00” for the two digits denoting the minutes.

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