however — однако

как бы ни
каким образом
тем не менее


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adv ru Nevertheless; yet, still; in spite of (that).
He told me not to do it. I, however, did it anyway. / I did it anyway, however. / However, I did it anyway.
She wanted to go; however, she decided against it.
adv ru (degree) To whatever degree or extent
However clear you think you've been, many questions will remain.
adv ru (manner) In whatever way or manner.
Let me know when you've had your interview, however it goes.
Еще значения (4)
adv ru An emphatic form of how.
However were you able to do it?
adv ru In any case, at any rate, at all events.
conj ru In whatever way or manner.
she offered to help however she could
conj ru Although, though, but, yet.
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