house — дом



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n ru A structure built or serving as an abode of human beings.
This is my house and my family's ancestral home.
n ru The people who live in a house; a household.
n ru A building used for something other than a residence (typically with qualifying word).
On arriving at the zoo, we immediately headed for the monkey house.
The former carriage house had been made over into a guest house.
Other definitions (25)
n ru The audience for a live theatrical or similar performance.
n ru A theatre.
After her swan-song, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.
n ru A building where a deliberative assembly meets; whence the assembly itself, particularly a component of a legislature.
The petition was so ridiculous that the house rejected it after minimal debate.
n ru A dynasty; a family with its ancestors and descendants, especially a royal or noble one.
A curse lay upon the House of Atreus.
n ru A place of rest or repose.
n ru A grouping of schoolchildren for the purposes of competition in sports and other activities.
I was a member of Spenser house when I was at school.
n ru An animal's shelter or den, or the shell of an animal such as a snail, used for protection.
n ru One of the twelve divisions of an astrological chart.
n ru The fourth Lenormand card.
n ru A square on a chessboard, regarded as the proper place of a piece.
n ru The four concentric circles where points are scored on the ice.
n ru Lotto; bingo.
n ru A children's game in which the players pretend to be members of a household.
As the babysitter, Emma always acted as the mother whenever the kids demanded to play house.
n ru A small stand of trees in a swamp.
n ru (sudoku) A set of cells in a Sudoku puzzle which must contain each digit exactly once, such as a row, column, or 3×3 box in classic Sudoku.
v ru To keep within a structure or container.
The car is housed in the garage.
v ru To admit to residence; to harbor/harbour.
v ru To take shelter or lodging; to abide; to lodge.
v ru To dwell within one of the twelve astrological houses.
v ru To contain or cover mechanical parts.
v ru To drive to a shelter.
v ru To deposit and cover, as in the grave.
v ru To stow in a safe place; to take down and make safe.
to house the upper spars
v ru To eat.
n ru House music.

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