host — хозяин

принимать гостей
вести программу


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n ru One which receives or entertains a guest, socially, commercially, or officially.
A good host is always considerate of the guest’s needs.
n ru One that provides a facility for an event.
n ru A person or organization responsible for running an event.
Our company is host of the annual conference this year.
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n ru A moderator or master of ceremonies for a performance.
The host was terrible, but the acts themselves were good.
n ru Any computer attached to a network.
n ru A cell or organism which harbors another organism or biological entity, usually a parasite.
Viruses depend on the host that they infect in order to be able to reproduce.
n ru (evolution) An organism bearing certain genetic material.
The so-called junk DNA is known, so far, to provide no apparent benefit to its host.
n ru A paid male companion offering conversation and in some cases sex, as in certain types of bar in Japan.
v ru To perform the role of a host.
I was terrible at hosting that show.
I’ll be hosting tonight. I hope I’m not terrible.
Our company will host the annual conference this year.
v ru To lodge at an inn.
v ru To run software made available to a remote user or process.
Kremvax hosts a variety of services.
n ru A multitude of people arrayed as an army; used also in religious senses, as: Heavenly host (of angels)
n ru A large number of items; a large inventory.
The dealer stocks a host of parts for my Model A.
n ru The consecrated bread or wafer of the Eucharist.

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