hole — отверстие



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n ru A hollow place or cavity; an excavation; a pit; an opening in or through a solid body, a fabric, etc.; a perforation; a rent; a fissure.
There’s a hole in my shoe.  Her stocking has a hole in it.
n ru (heading) In games.
n ru An excavation pit or trench.
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n ru A weakness; a flaw or ambiguity.
I have found a hole in your argument.
n ru A container or receptacle.
car hole;  brain hole
n ru In semiconductors, a lack of an electron in an occupied band behaving like a positively charged particle.
n ru A security vulnerability in software which can be taken advantage of by an exploit.
n ru An orifice, in particular the anus. When used with shut it always refers to the mouth.
Just shut your hole!
n ru (particularly in the phrase "get one's hole") Sex, or a sex partner.
Are you going out to get your hole tonight?
n ru (with "the") Solitary confinement, a high-security prison cell often used as punishment.
n ru An undesirable place to live or visit; a hovel.
His apartment is a hole!
n ru Difficulty, in particular, debt.
If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
n ru A chordless cycle in a graph.
v ru To make holes in (an object or surface).
Shrapnel holed the ship's hull.
v ru (by extension) To destroy.
She completely holed the argument.
v ru To go into a hole.
v ru To drive into a hole, as an animal, or a billiard ball or golf ball.
Woods holed a standard three foot putt
v ru To cut, dig, or bore a hole or holes in.
to hole a post for the insertion of rails or bars
adj ru Entire, undivided.
I ate a whole fish.
adj ru Sound, uninjured, healthy.
He is of whole mind, but the same cannot be said about his physical state.
adj ru (of food) From which none of its constituents has been removed.
whole wheat; whole milk
adj ru As yet unworked.

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