hip — бедро



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n ru The outward-projecting parts of the pelvis and top of the femur and the overlying tissue.
n ru The inclined external angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes.
n ru In a bridge truss, the place where an inclined end post meets the top chord.
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n ru (possibly obsolete) A drug addict, especially someone addicted to a narcotic like heroin.
v ru To use one's hips to bump into someone.
v ru To throw (one's adversary) over one's hip ("cross-buttock").
v ru To dislocate or sprain the hip of, to fracture or injure the hip bone of (a quadruped) in such a manner as to produce a permanent depression of that side.
v ru To make with a hip or hips, as a roof.
n ru The fruit of a rose.
v ru To inform, to make knowledgeable.
adj ru Aware, informed, up-to-date, trendy.

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