he — он

взрывчатое вещество


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n ru The game of tag, or it, in which the player attempting to catch the others is called "he".
n ru The player attempting to catch the others in this game.
n ru A male.
Is your cat a he or a she?
Еще значения (7)
pron ru (personal) A male person or animal already known or implied.
pron ru (personal, sometimes proscribed, see usage notes) A person whose gender is unknown or irrelevant.
The rulebook clearly states that "if any student is caught cheating, he will be expelled", and you were caught cheating, were you not, Anna?
pron ru (personal) An animal whose gender is unknown.
pron ru A genderless object regarded as masculine, such as certain stars (e.g. Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter) or certain ships.
n ru The name of the fifth letter of many Semitic alphabets (Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and others).
n ru The name of the first letter of the Old South Arabian abjad.
inter ru (usually reduplicated) An expression of laughter.

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