handle — ручка



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n ru The part of an object which is (designed to be) held in the hand when used or moved.
n ru An instrument for effecting a purpose (either literally or figuratively); a tool, or an opportunity or pretext.
n ru The gross amount of wagering within a given period of time or for a given event at one of more establishments.
The daily handle of a Las Vegas casino is typically millions of dollars.
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n ru The tactile qualities of a fabric, e.g., softness, firmness, elasticity, fineness, resilience, and other qualities perceived by touch.
n ru A name, nickname or pseudonym.
n ru A title attached to one's name, such as Doctor or Colonel.
The successful businessman was knighted and acquired a handle to his name.
n ru A reference to an object or structure that can be stored in a variable.
This article describes how to find the module name from the window handle.
n ru A 10 fl oz (285 ml) glass of beer in the Northern Territory. (See also pot and middy for other regional variations.)
n ru A half-gallon (1.75-liter) bottle of alcohol. (Called a sixty in Canada.)
n ru A point, an extremity of land.
the Handle of the Sug in Newfoundland
n ru A topological space homeomorphic to a ball but viewed as a product of two lower-dimensional balls.
n ru The smooth, irreducible subcurve of a comb which connects to each of the other components in exactly one point.
v ru To touch; to feel or hold with the hand(s).
v ru To accustom to the hand; to take care of with the hands.
v ru To manage, use, or wield with the hands.
v ru To manage, control, or direct.
v ru To treat, to deal with (in a specified way).
she handled the news with grace, the Persians handled the French ambassador shamefully
v ru To deal with (a subject, argument, topic, or theme) in speaking, in writing, or in art.
v ru To receive and transfer; to have pass through one's hands; hence, to buy and sell.
a merchant handles a variety of goods, or a large stock
v ru To be concerned with; to be an expert in.
v ru To put up with; to endure (and continue to function).
I can't handle this hot weather.
v ru To use the hands.
v ru To illegally touch the ball with the hand or arm; to commit handball.
v ru To behave in a particular way when handled (managed, controlled, directed).
the car handles well

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