gun — пистолет



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n ru A device for projecting a hard object very forcefully; a firearm or cannon.
Guns were considered improvements of crossbows and catapults.
Looking for wild meat to fill his family's freezer for the winter, the young man quietly raised up his gun at the approaching deer.
n ru A device operated by a trigger and acting in a manner similar to a firearm.
There are some guns that are not designed for killing.
n ru A long surfboard designed for surfing big waves (not the same as a longboard, a gun has a pointed nose and is generally a little narrower).
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n ru A pattern that "fires" out other patterns.
n ru (metonym) A person who carries or uses a rifle, shotgun or handgun.
n ru (usually in the plural) The biceps.
n ru (in the plural) Violent blasts of wind.
n ru An expert.
v ru (with “down”) To shoot someone or something, usually with a firearm.
He gunned down the hitmen.
The CEO gunned down that idea before we could present it to the board.
v ru To speed something up.
He gunned the engine.
v ru To offer vigorous support to a person or cause.
He’s gunning for you.
v ru To seek to attack someone; to take aim at someone.
He's been gunning for you ever since you embarrassed him at the party.
v ru To practice fowling or hunting small game; chiefly in participial form: to go gunning.
v ru To masturbate while observing and visible to a corrections officer.
v ru Nonstandard spelling of going to.
I'm gun go get da gun from da closet.

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